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In the distant past eunuchs were valued by the elite class because the nobility needed trusted men to guard over their women. The inability of eunuchs to have sex or get women pregnant made them a trusted cadre of guards. The modern version of the eunuch works in media and politics. In media they guard over the news narratives pushed by corporate interests. In America you see them on CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS and PBS. They write for The New York Times and the Washington Post. You see them in your local news outlets and national magazines — and you…

Before the loss of momentum on Super Tuesday the mounting enthusiasm among Berniecrats was palpable. Was Gil Scott-Heron wrong, was the revolution going to be televised?

Tulsicrats already knew the revolution would not be televised. Tulsi Gabbard took down The Man’s #1 choice to lead Amerika, and that was televised live to the world. Kamala Harris had the full backing of the Clinton/neocon foreign policy establishment. Tulsi exposed Kamala as not only lacking scruples, but also as weak and easily flustered. The Man right then and there understood that with Tulsi:

The revolution might be televised.

After seeing…

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Thus we may know that there are five essentials for victory: (1) He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight. (2) He will win who knows how to handle both superior and inferior forces. (3) He will win whose army is animated by the same spirit throughout all its ranks. (4) He will win who, prepared himself, waits to take the enemy unprepared. (5) He will win who has military capacity and is not interfered with by the sovereign.

Sun Tzu, The Art of War

The last part of the Christian Bible is famously called…

As I was checking the news earlier today I noticed that the coronavirus had killed another top government official in Iran, bringing the total to 3. Or at least the 3 they have released info on. There’s a chance it’s worse among the Iranian leadership but they don’t want to cause a panic. I checked the Twitterverse after that for my daily dose of madness and surprisingly kept seeing people ask rhetorically:

Why is Tulsi Gabbard still in the primary race?

Turns out that Amy “She-Hulk” Klobuchar had dropped out of the primary race apparently to suck up to Joe…

At the Oscars the other day there was a surprise performance by Eminem doing an old hit from his movie 8 Mile. I remember when he first exploded onto the world stage in 1999 with his huge hit My Name Is. By 2001 he had conquered the musical tastes of not only the teenybopper world but also of hip-hop. His place as a musical idol was cemented as his teen fans grew into adults and hip-hop continued on to cultural domination. It was expected by many that he would win the 2001 Grammy Album of The Year due to his…

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Ana Kasparian has been on a crusade for a while to demonize Tulsi Gabbard. Just like the Democratic party in the past promoted and gave a lot of love to Tulsi Gabbard, so did Ana Kasparian and TYT. I don’t know what changed with Ana to make her see Tulsi as a bad person, but we all know what happened with the change of attitude from the Democratic party. I explain that history here if you don’t know.

There have been many people speculating that Ana’s change is not organic to her beliefs but instead based on her “selling out.”…

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Why do you think so many Democrats are trying to get social media networks to be more involved in censoring and controlling what people are saying on their platforms?

Some clearly want to have total control over what people can see or speak. Others are less obviously desirous of gestapo tactics, but they are not thinking through the implications of their desire to see “fake news” eradicated — like AOC for example.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez demanded that Mark Zuckerberg more effectively censor political advertisements because she believes that right-wing ads are promoting lies. She seems to miss the implications of social…

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Is that Hillary Clinton holding on to Elizabeth Warren? Yes. It is. Weird huh?

Here comes another Democratic debate where the same handful of topics will be brought up by the same corporate stooges with the same agenda to promote other corporate stooges on stage. And if the past debates have taught us anything, they have taught us that the corporate choices are Warren and Biden — with Mayor Pete as their great white hope — even though they know he has no chance because the black voters seem to have a problem with him. …

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Don’t worry dear, after the operation, you will be just as beautiful as everyone else…

For years now I have been reading and hearing variations of the same idea about Tulsi Gabbard from the media. Which is then reproduced online in comments, tweets, videos, and podcasts. All sharing variations of the same meme. That meme is :


That meme made its first appearance in Pierre Omidyar’s Civil Beat, a news website for his home of Honolulu. It began years ago shortly after Tulsi first started to go on CNN to tell the world that Obama’s foreign policy in the Middle East was just like Bush’s…

Contrary to popular belief the American government doesn’t always allow free speech. For example in the past the government has prosecuted people for speech they didn’t want the public to be influenced by due to special circumstances, like wartime. But that was in the past. Today governments and the ruling elites threaten social media owners and other online outlets to act as censors for them — or pay the price through fines and stiffer regulations . Either directly, like for example governments that demand censorship or face fines; or indirectly when censorship is not legally allowed — for example stricter…

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