Estimated Prophets

Since the start of the corporate economic system over 100 years ago in America, the corporate owners had 3 basic agendas for America.

  1. To keep government regulations to a minimum — only promoting or accepting those which are necessary to help them dominate their business sectors.
  2. To keep wages down and to keep workers from influencing government to regulate business in their favor.

After the Wall St. crash in 1929 which started the Great Depression they developed another basic agenda:

3. Shaping the global economic order to benefit them, i.e., controlling access to raw materials and markets around the world which they saw as the only solution to the worldwide economic depression that started in 1929. Many people falsely believe that President Roosevelt ended the depression with his New Deal policies, or that WWII ended the depression. The truth is that the depression was in full force at the start of WWII and the business elites believed that the war economy would only temporarily bring relief from the depression. So they devised a plan to fix it.

That plan was called The War and Peace Studies. It began to be devised at the start of WWII in 1939. It was researched and written by the Council on Foreign Relations and funded by The Rockefeller Foundation.

Previous to WWII various American business elites had invested heavily in German industrialization after the devastation of the German economy after WWI. They also invested heavily in the USSR after the Russian empire was taken over by the communists. From the end of WWI American business elites were fundamental to the phenomenal industrial growth of Germany and the USSR, selling industrial technology, finance, expertise, etc. And after the start of WWII England also became dependent on American elites due to the devastation of their economy from fighting the Germans and the Axis powers.

Georgetown University Professor Carroll Quigley wrote in his classic Tragedy and Hope about his access to the private archives of the Council on Foreign Relations:

There does exist, and has existed for a generation, an international Anglophile network which operates, to some extent, in the way the radical Right believes the Communists act. In fact, this network, which we may identify as the Round Table Groups, has no aversion to cooperating with the Communists, or any other groups, and frequently does so. I know of the operations of this network because I have studied it for twenty years and was permitted for two years, in the early 1960’s, to examine its papers and secret records.

There have been many books written on the history of American business elites working with the Soviets to build their industry from the very beginning. And many books on the American business elites industrial buildup of Germany after the devastation to Germany from WWI. Most notably by award-winning, New York Times investigative author Edwin Black.

America was financing and literally behind the industrial ability of England, and Germany, and the Soviet Union (also) to fight each other and France in WWII.

“If we see that Germany is winning we ought to help Russia and if Russia is winning we ought to help Germany, and that way let them kill as many as possible, although I don’t want to see Hitler victorious under any circumstances.”

-President Harry Truman a few years before his presidency, 1941

After they had damaged each other to such a great extent during the war it made it easy for American business elites to create and control the entirely new economic system of the non-communist world. That was worked out at the famous meetings at Bretton Woods — which saw the creation of the IMF, World Bank, and the dollar reserve system under the direction of American business elites.

Because of the unique history of America, the upper class business elites were able to gain dominance over the government early on due to no competing power centers. Europe has a different history which led to competing power centers:

  1. Landed aristocracy/nobility.
  2. Large religious organizations with a long history of owning lots of property and wielding political power, e.g., Roman Catholic Church, Church of England etc.
  3. Upper class business elites.
  4. Strong workers unions.
  5. Military elites.

All of those groups vie for power over government to help them attain their agendas with each able to gain influence because of 2 reasons:

  1. The parliamentary system allows representation in legislatures based on percentage of votes. If your workers party gets 15% of the vote they get 15% of the seats.
  2. The competing power centers have to compromise because of the parliamentary system and because of the resources of each power center.

American elections are winner take-all — so if a workers party gets 15% of the vote and the business party gets the majority the workers party gets zero seats in the legislature. And because swaying the public to vote for a candidate or party is based on advertising reach, the party able to advertise more usually wins. Which means the more money someone spends the more likely they are to win — which means the rich are easily able to control the political system in America.

In America the business elites never had any competition from a landed nobility or a big church, and the military as a power center didn’t exist until after WWII — and they are not independent — they are under the control of politicians and corporate elites. So the business elites only obstacle to domination over the government was workers unions — which they fought with for many years and eventually mostly crushed by various means legal and illegal e.g., the history of the film industry in America is a history of their paying off the syndicate aka mafia, who controlled the workers unions for them.

The unions in America have much less power over the government than they used to because:

  1. They have less money to spend on donations to politicians.
  2. Their membership is far less than in the past due to laws which made unions less able to enforce membership.
  3. Union jobs have been outsourced to low wage nations at ever increasing levels.

So the upper class business elites have almost complete control over the government in America — especially since their only real competition for influence was downsized tremendously since the 1970s.

American politicians were pushed into making laws by the upper class business elites who wanted “Free Trade” to remove international tariffs — which enabled them to move their operations to lower wage nations. That in turn hollowed out the American industrial base which had created a somewhat stable middle class in America since the end of WWII. That began in the 1960s with jobs shipped to Mexico, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Malaysia mostly for low cost assembling of electronics that were made in America and elsewhere. That picked up in the 1980s when the CEO of General Electric, Jack Welch, made it the foundation of their business strategy after his takeover of GE. It has continued ever since but sped up near the start of the new millennium with the creation of the World Trade Organization.

That moving of industry to low wage nations didn’t happen as much in Europe because of the strong unions who have much more influence over their governments than in America. So how to fix that problem for the upper class business elites who want to move industry in Europe to low wage nations?

One theory is:

Make people believe that there is an energy crisis which leaves them no choice but to move their factories to lower wage nations.

How do you create an energy crisis that is so bad that they are able to get away with that?

1. Create the idea in people’s minds that the climate crisis is so dire that the end of the world is nigh — unless we stop using fossil fuels immediately.

2. Create the idea in people’s heads that nuclear power is also very unsafe.

3. Convince the people that “green energy” can easily take the place of fossil fuels and nuclear power.

4. Create in people’s minds the idea that it is very politically-incorrect to keep importing your only source of cheap fossil fuels — that coincidentally is needed for European industry to be economically competitive on the world market.

5. European industry then has no choice but to leave Europe because they can no longer be profitable because green energy is not ready to replace fossil fuels — and reverting to fossil fuels of course is non-negotiable because they are going to destroy the world any day now. Look at all the kids gluing themselves to roads, paintings, etc., with the museums and police letting them. Fear of climate change is being pushed by power at the highest levels.

6. Which just so happens to align with the business elites in America who have outsourced to low wage nations like mad.

And look at that — The chart below is from 2022. AUM means Assets Under Management. The biggest investor in Europe is an American firm, which is also the biggest political player in the EU, it holds $1.34 trillion worth of European corporations, banks, and real estate, another American firm is the 3rd biggest investor in Europe managing $965 billion worth:

Why did German Chancellor Scholz go to China recently? We hear that he made the usual politically-correct noises about “human rights” and Ukraine, but he didn’t have to go to China with a cohort of German business people to do that. He could have sent a tweet from home if that was his purpose.



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