Illegally Crossing State Lines or: Escape From Planet Mental

Pam Ho
7 min readNov 22, 2021

What if Kyle Rittenhouse was black? That question was asked by thousands of people on social media as a way to highlight how white privilege had to be the basis for Kyle receiving so much support and or winning the court case. The idea they wanted to convey was that the only reason Kyle is supported so much is because he is white — because he was obviously guilty.

To counter that narrative we saw people claim that only people who didn’t do the work of researching the facts of the case could possibly say that Kyle was guilty. They backed that up by pointing to clips of people on news programs and on news websites getting the facts of the case wrong over and over — like claiming Kyle killed black people. One of, if not the most commonly cited wrong fact, was the claim that Kyle “crossed state lines illegally.” That was cited so often by people appearing on news programs that creators made memes and videos making fun of their mistaken claim.

But really, none of it had anything to do with Kyle. Kyle was simply a prop in their political drama. Which is why when confronted with the facts of the case, the talking heads, the journalists, and the politicians — continued to promote the idea that they were right and Kyle is a criminal. The story they are promoting is not impacted by the facts because what is important to them is to appear to be “fighting the bad guys.” They have fabricated a drama where they are battling evil like knights battling a dragon.

It is not new.

Rich elites had traditionally supported both parties in order to keep control over national politics, but in the late 1960s and through the 1970s that started to change as Democrats influenced by The New Left in the 1960s would go against the agendas of the elites. So, much of the elite wealthy decided to abandon the Democrats after Carter. That left the Republicans able to take over the country beginning with Ronald Reagan and then George Bush for 12 straight years of Republican rule. That in turn led to the rise of the New Democrats who believed that Democrats would continue to lose unless they went back to being pre-1960s Democrats. And that is exactly what they did. They went back to serving the elites and elite support brought the New Democrats and the Clintons to power.

Meanwhile the negative propaganda about what each party was all about from each other continued on as in the past. Democrats were still called big tax and spend commies, Republicans were still called the business party who only cared for the rich. And just like previous to the 1960s, the elites still controlled both parties from behind the scenes by controlling the funding of both.

Things went swimmingly for the elites controlling both parties, but there was also a gradual revolution in the GOP. For years there had been a minority “conservative movement” within the Republican party who didn’t like the elite control of the party (Rockefeller Republicans). Reagan had pretended to be one of the “conservatives” in order to gain their support. So did George W. Bush. But in reality both of their administrations served the elite banking and investor class over everything else.

Then came Donald Trump. And for the first time America had a president who was not put in power by the elite class. Because he was rich and influential he was able to bypass dependence on the elites.

Isn’t it odd that the establishment media treated Trump so friendly as a beloved celebrity before he entered politics? Before he promoted Obama Birtherism as a way to get himself into GOP politics Trump was friends with the media, and also friends with the Clintons — who were the original promoters of Obama Birtherism in support of Hillary’s 1st presidential run. Was Trump pushing Obama Birtherism in support of Hillary? “The Donald” as the media called him, was just another colorful rich celebrity who was treated endearingly by the media and by other celebrities, like Oprah. When he first ran for president he was still treated as a fun spectacle by the liberal elites and they actually supported him believing he would be easier to defeat. The liberal and conservative establishments were sure he was doing it to increase the value of his brand. But, after the Republican voters chose him, and after he spoke out against the elite’s desire for world hegemony and war, and about making nice with their enemies (Putin, Kim), Trump was no longer seen as amusing. He was not controllable. He was a problem.

Politicians usually needed establishment support because you needed a lot of money to successfully run for office. Politicians can also be intimidated by the rich and powerful one way or another into doing their bidding. Trump didn’t need their money and his mentality made him too difficult to intimidate into submission by the usual methods.

And that is why for 6 straight years the entire media and political eco-system has been laser focused on ridding themselves of Trump. He was an outsider who didn’t care about the insiders. HE was the insider in his view. Everyone needed to conform to his agenda. One of the ways they came up with to get rid of him was to constantly berate him as a white supremacist, or a nazi, or a “dangerous dictator,” or a fascist. They hoped that name-calling would keep people from wanting to associate with him. Childish for sure. But, that was their plan.

They made a mistake though when they extended that childish behavior to Republican voters. Telling everyone that if you vote Republican you are literally evil, literally a white supremacist, literally a nazi — that was a very bad idea. It made sure that those people would never ever support Democrats again.

How did the Democratic party come to make such delusional unforced errors in their political propaganda? That answer goes to why the establishment acts so weird and crazy with Kyle Rittenhouse.

Kyle had become an embodiment to them of a Trump supporter. Even though they didn’t know if he was very political or not, it was enough that he went to aid those attacked by “anti-racist protesters.” Kyle became an instant antihero for Republicans and for many independents who didn’t like the wanton violence of the protests/riots. Because of his instant celebrity the establishment media foolishly decided to focus on Kyle as a way to control the political narrative they had created around Trump, race, and politics. I said foolishly because they didn’t check out the details of the case before jumping in to control the narrative. And because of that, once they did look at the facts closer, some of them realized they needed to talk their way out of the hole they had dug themselves into.

Therefore now you see them weirdly focus on ideas like “he crossed state lines,” or “what if he was black?” or “he’s a white supremacist.” Anything but the facts of the case. And because of the huge propaganda loss for them, because they went all in against Kyle, they are continuing to lose support in the polls. The idea that you can call all white people inherently racist — in a country of majority white people — and think it is a winning political tactic, shows you how much the Democratic party has been overtaken by — well to put it directly—mentally unfit elderly people who should retire. Traditional political operatives have been anguished at the party leaders allowing their political propaganda to be controlled by people selling themselves as experts on all things racial, all things gender, and all things cultural — when in reality they are not experts on what matters to most voters. Democrats go all in to appeal to a small percentage of the electorate while insulting and demonizing anyone who doesn’t care about those niche concerns. They have allowed niche culture warriors to take control over their overall political propaganda. And to say they are losing because of it, is to put it mildly. They continue to look clueless while amazingly still trying to salvage the Kyle Rittenhouse drama. They don’t realize how bad they look to average people when they viciously attack an average teenager because of their insane internal racial dramatics. Meanwhile their poll numbers continue to drop by the day. With no end in sight.

Their elderly clueless leaders are leading the party into a monumental loss just to satisfy their bad advisors and big donors. The idea that they can also threaten Americans by forcing them to potentially hurt or kill themselves or face the loss of their livelihood and profession, thinking the party won’t suffer a massive loss because of that — is madness. The elderly mental patients have sold the party down the river— the rest of you better know how to swim when the ship capsizes — because your seat won’t be there to keep you afloat.