Palace Eunuchs or: Why Mainstream Media Fears the Truth

In the distant past eunuchs were valued by the elite class because they were trusted around their women. The liege lords or sultans needed trusted men to guard over their women. Not having the ability to have sex or get women pregnant made them a trusted cadre of guards. The modern version of the eunuch works in media and politics. In media they guard over the news narratives pushed by corporate interests. In America you see them on CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS and PBS. They write for The New York Times and the Washington Post. You see them in your local news outlets and national magazines — and you can see them constantly on Twitter. They are everywhere, our modern eunuchs. You elect them and you see them on the nightly news. Almost all of them, are eunuchs (i.e., lacking balls).

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Seymour Hersh used to be the gold standard for a reporter. Hersh was seen in the media world as an incarnation of an archetype from the Golden Age of Hollywood, the classic ‘tough-guy but honest reporter.’ That archetype held a place next to that of the ‘tough-guy but honest private detective.’ Either as a classic hero or an antihero those archetypes would uncover the seedy world of organized crime and the hidden crimes of the rich and powerful. Humphrey Bogart and Jack Nicholson made their careers on those roles. It was no accident that Superman was a reporter in his day job. Journalists were seen as heroic.

For years we have been warned about the dangers of media consolidation. We were warned that it would lead to a handful of people having the ability to control the news. We then saw that in action as corporate media consolidation led to the entire corporate media world cheerleading the death and destruction in wars led by the Bush and Clinton clans. Whether it was the casual bombing of civilian neighborhoods in Panama and Serbia, or the wholesale destruction of entire countries in Iraq and Libya — people started to notice that the heroic reporters in mainstream media, the Clark Kent’s and Seymour Hersh’s of the past, were becoming a very rare breed. The new media started to act as nothing more than a propaganda vehicle for political and corporate chicanery instead of reporting on it. Eunuchs were hired and entrusted to keep the common people misinformed. The job of the media eunuch is to guard the news narratives.

When media started to move away from the world of ink to an online world where no one wants to pay for news, media consolidation led to corporate media houses all pushing the same news narratives. Hiring eunuchs made sense to the media lords whose lifestyles included friends and family in and among the political and corporate elites. Keeping their friends happy is more important to them than keeping the common person informed. Eunuchs were entrusted to make sure the news narrative was guarded over so that the elites don’t get screwed.

It used to be the norm in journalism for reporters to compete with each other to expose government and corporate wrongdoing. It didn’t matter which political party was in the hotseat, and usually it didn’t matter which business was under scrutiny. Not always though. Seymour Hersh had a hell of a time trying to write a story on the mob connected Charles Bluhdorn. He was the CEO of Gulf and Western, one of the most powerful corporations in the world. Bluhdorn’s connections with the underworld, who in turn had connections with the political and media elite, made Hersh’s attempt to get out a story with teeth impossible. He said “It was a year of purgatory” in trying to get the story out. The story was edited to death by his bosses and because of that, in his own words, “the story barely made a ripple.” But that was not the norm back then. The problem with that story was that Charles Bluhdorn had mob connections. The mob had dirt on many elites through their use of prostitutes and hidden cameras, so for a price they could get almost any story killed. Today that isn’t necessary. Mainstream media is owned by a handful of people all of whom only hire eunuchs. You either make do without balls, or you’re out on your ass. Hersh found that out the hard way after reporting on the death of Osama Bin Laden. His story contradicted the story put out by Barack Obama. So Hersh is no longer welcome in mainstream media what with the having of balls thing.

As media businesses moved online they found it difficult to make a profit and keep large newsrooms. Layoffs started happening everywhere. When jobs become scarce, bravery became even more so. Corporations went on buying sprees because they were able to buy famous media brands for pennies on the dollar. Famous newspapers, magazines, local TV news stations and cable news, almost all are now owned by a handful of people. All of whom have loyalties to political and corporate elites over that of informing the public. A Seymour Hersh in the current media climate is not employable to a corporate news outlet. We don’t see people like Matt Taibbi, Chris Hedges, Glenn Greenwald, Pam Martens, or Ellen Brown any longer appearing in mainstream corporate news like the New York Times or the Washington Post, or on TV. They aren’t eunuchs so they aren’t welcome in corporate media.

The only way to be employable in the new mainstream corporate media world is to advertise yourself as a palace eunuch. And the place to do that is on Twitter. On Twitter you see “journalists” from all over corporate media on a daily basis showing off to their feudal overlords their value in lacking the balls to say anything but to repeat officially sanctioned news narratives. It used to be a reporter’s uniqueness which was valued by a media house. A Seymour Hersh was valued for the unique ability to sniff out unique important stories. Now, a reporter’s eunuchness is valued above all else. The ability to ignore the truth and repeat the same false story as everyone else who works in corporate media is what keeps you employable.

For a recent example we can look at the corporate reporting on the Black Lives Matter demonstrations. None of them reported on what actually happened around the country, and in fact they misinformed us by insisting they were all peaceful. It took an independent reporter named Michael Tracey to take it upon himself to drive around the country and take photos of the thousands of burned down buildings and destroyed stores. You didn’t see corporate eunuchs going around and speaking to the people impacted by the loss of their livelihood due to the BLM riots. The media eunuchs denied those riots even took place. They still deny it. As do the Democratic politicians whom the eunuchs have so much in common with (i.e., the lacking of balls).

Why didn’t the corporate media explore such an obvious and important story? Because as eunuchs they are not allowed to report on any story they want without fearing to invoke the displeasure of their liege lords. They understand the message from Manufacturing Consent. If you want to work in the corporate consolidated media environment of today, you know what stories you can write about, what the proper or improper spin is, and what you can politically be for or against. They know that if they want to work for media outside of the independent media world (i.e., low wage media), that their employability is due to their eunuchness. Their job is to protect the agenda of their media liege lords. All of whom are friends and family with the Democratic political machine. Which is why the corporate media ignored one of the biggest stories of the year in the BLM riots. They understand that the political messaging they are allowed to cover is that which promotes the interests of the Democratic party elites. Whose own jobs as political eunuchs are predicated on working for the agenda of their wealthy and powerful lords and sultans.

What about conservative media? They are also under a similar thumb to one degree or another, though it varies from media house to media house what you can or cannot say. For example conservative media house The Hill gave the progressive Krystal Ball and the populist right Saagar Enjeti anchor spots for their popular online news show Rising. They appear able to say whatever they want. For now. Tucker Carlson is also seemingly free to speak his conscience on Fox News. This isn’t the case for all conservative media but clearly there is more freedom for conservative media in some big media houses. Balls are still allowed there.

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