The Power Elite Say The Quiet Part Out Loud

Pam Ho
16 min readJun 13, 2022

Recently the Biden administration in America announced the creation of a Disinformation Governance Board. They then had to backtrack from that after the huge public outcry. Although also saying the backtrack was only temporary. People were calling it a plan for a draconian and illegal Ministry of Truth meant to intimidate people and coerce tech companies to censor politically undesirable speech for them. The critics derided the Democratic Party and the liberal establishment for trying to bypass the 1st amendment in such an obvious and illegal way. The Democrats denied it was for anything other then shoring up the defenses of America against foreign disinformation campaigns.

Then the leaks came out.

Two Senators, Hawley and Grassley, got a hold of documents where the Disinformation Board’s purpose is officially laid out. And wadaUknow? It was exactly as the critics feared. The purpose of the Disinformation Board seems to be an attempt to shore up political support for Democratic party policies and corporate/big money donors by working with (intimidating) tech and media companies to censor for them, i.e., Twitter is specifically mentioned. They secretly wanted to do what Justin Trudeau so openly wished he could do—to dictate with the power of the law what people can and cannot say in public. Trudeau is increasingly getting away with dictatorial power grabs in Canada, and apparently western elites being envious of him and other less free nations are trying to codify their power grabs so they no longer have to hide and be fearful of exposure for what they are doing in secret.

People are not allowed to speak the obvious truth on internet platforms working with the Democrats and other rich people who influence (intimidate, bribe) them to censor for them. If someone speaks the truth and that truth conflicts with what the Democratic party promotes as “true,” then a number of tech companies will not allow you to use their platform. A number of left-wing anti-war news websites have been kicked off payment platforms recently, and Google has announced that you cannot disagree with their views on the war in Ukraine if you want to use their ad service. And of course countless people have been kicked off Twitter and other social media platforms for the same reason of speaking contrary to the official sanctioned “truths” of the elites.

Disinformation to the elites means “dis is the only information we allow to be spoken of as truth regardless of its accuracy because we are trying to 1) push a political narrative, or 2) push a corporate narrative, or 3) push a war narrative, which 4) we think will benefit us, our party, our class, our bosses, our shareholders, our business. The truth is whatever we say it is and if you don’t go along with it you are not allowed on our platform.”

That now commonly seen censoring-by-proxy through tech companies wasn’t always the way it is now. Remember how Google started with bragging how they were anti-evil? Now their motto should be, if honest, “It’s our way or the highway!” Tech workers who went on to get very rich were gradually co-opted one way or another to be tools of the political/corporate elite establishment who saw a great threat to their control over the flow of information. It took a long time for media consolidation to get to the point where a small number of interconnected corporations controlled most of the media in America.

From The Rich and the Super Rich; A Study in the Power of Money Today, (1968) by Ferdinand Lundberg, journalist and historian known for his incisive and powerful critiques of American elite institutions:

It used to be that the media had to be infiltrated by security services in order to control political and social narratives that favored the political/corporate elites. They wanted as much political and social control as they could get to maintain or increase their power and wealth. By the 1990s the elite establishment had taken the route of media consolidation as the most foolproof method of information control. The Internet then made that system of control obsolete overnight.

The establishment has been trying ever since to put the genie of the information superhighway back into their tightly stopped bottle. One by one they co-opted newly minted millionaire tech CEOs or social media owners to do their bidding. They threatened them, or bought them out, payed them off, or convinced them to accept the dominant worldview among the power elite in upper-class society—that the end justifies the means. With the end being to force their desires on as many as they can, legally or illegally.

Again we bring up Justin Trudeau because he said the quiet part out loud. He was born into upper-class society but unlike most of his peers he is not self-controlled enough to keep their real worldview quiet. Just like the mafia is famous for their vow of omerta to never speak of “family business” to outsiders, thereby making it a secret society, so too are the members of upper-class power elite society a type of secret society of the rich and influential. Everyone knows the mafia are criminals, and everyone knows America and other western nations are controlled by an elite class of people beholden to no law (remember the people in trouble for the financial crisis of 2008, No?) Everyone knows there are two justice systems. One for regular society where crime usually gets people in real trouble, and another system for members of upper-class society where they rarely get in real trouble — similar to how everyone in the criminal underworld knows a Made Man cannot be touched regardless of what he has done.

The elite class also takes a version of omerta. They have traditionally been brought up to deny that their social class even exists. Author and historian of the upper classes Stephen Birmingham wrote:

America has always been a constitutionally classless society, yet an American aristocracy emerged anyway — a private club whose members run in the same circles and observe the same unwritten rules.

From America’s Secret Aristocracy (1987) by Stephen Birmingham

People just don’t do that…Justin. Isn’t it also the mafia who talk about “friends of ours” when referring to mafia members?

People from the upper class are usually careful not to openly brag about their power to dominate over society. Typically that class uses their clout behind-the-scenes through an obscure to the average person process. Commonly people from his social class believe they deserve to rule over the masses whom they usually hold in contempt. Typically they only socially mix with upper-class people.

The upper class historically have taught their children that the world is full of envious people who will oppose them and even threaten them if the truth about their power over the government is openly spoken about. That is why a Disinformation Board or Ministry of Truth is seen as necessary by them. It would take out of their hands the responsibility for what they want to achieve so no fallout comes to them personally. No one can expose executives from corporations or other rich people as ultimately behind the censorship, or behind the lies forcibly promoted as truth by the media, or behind the truth forcibly excoriated as lies by the media. If the government takes over the job of controlling the flow of information for the elites it makes them less fearful of being exposed as the people who benefit from those policies.

The elite class desires to control the flow of information for various reasons, but usually it’s about making them richer and more powerful. But many of them also have a desire to reshape society to their likes and dislikes, they tend to see themselves as superior and better at knowing what is best for humanity. Their class has believed for a long time in the importance of controlling the information people are receiving through the media and in schools— by funding media and schools. They have created many foundations to control media and schooling by giving lots of money to researchers, scientists, educators, universities, magazines, etc., but of course with strings attached. The General Education Board, The Carnegie Foundation, The Ford Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation, those are the most well known, but there are many many more.

Often the elites will have their own family based foundation used to promote their agendas, start or buy their own newspapers, magazines, and radio or TV stations. The most in the news family foundation currently is The Open Society Foundation. George Soros though was not born into the elite class. Like him, many rich people today have become rich and then entered upper-class social circles instead of inheriting their wealth with automatic acceptance into “high society” from birth. Some of the newly rich are given entrance into the elite upper-class world — some are not. Donald Trump is an example of someone who was not for reasons that we don’t know. I imagine though that he offended one or more of their leading people by his personality or political views. Whatever the cause, they are behind the seemingly never-ending crusade by the Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans to demonize him and his followers.

They used to be religious to a small degree, some more than others, apparently though the newer generations are very anti-religion. They are the money power behind the great awokening of the media with all the anti-religion and pro-science rhetoric that seems to be pushed along with it. Not that they understand science since most people in that class either don’t finish college, or if they do it is usually with a law or business degree. If the elite class were not behind the sudden shift by the media, the politicians, the big corporations, and the big NGOs, towards a shock and awe of wokeness pushed onto society at large, we would not be seeing them constantly be so aggressive pushing woke agendas on their own initiative all at the same time. They would be too fearful of losing more than half the population of America as supporters or customers by being so openly hateful towards “traditional”values. So clearly they must be being pushed at the highest levels by the newer generations of the elite class who ultimately control those corporations, media, and politicians. Someone like Soros or other elderly members of the upper class have clearly given way to their younger family members who are pushing them to be so openly and carelessly antagonisitic to the common person. Something the past generations were always careful not to do out of fear of a rebellion against their control. And now we see just how right they were, there is a never before seen level of opposition to the elites because of anger over their insistent pushing of woke values on society with an openly derisive attitude towards all who stick to traditional values.

Generally you must have similar cultural attitudes to be welcomed into high society if you were not born into it. Donald Trump was born into a rich family but not into the elite class. They rubbed shoulders with the elite class occasionally, but the elite class are a distinct social group usually interconnected by marriage as documented by various sociologists studying the history of upper-class society. They declared war on Trump and his followers because they fear their plans for the future would not be respected and implemented by Trump or similar Republicans if they gain power in Washington.

Many people are perplexed at why European leaders are going along with the sanctions against Russia since it causes so much blowback on their own economies. Not only are there going to be shortages of many essential commodities Russia usually provides, but also much higher prices which can bring entire industries to a slowdown or even halt.

The truth is that Europe is under the same type of exploitative domination by an upper-class elite social group of financiers who have been intermarrying and are interconnected with American elite society since the late 19th century. They do not make their business plans for the benefit of America or Germany, England or France, Italy or Greece. Their plans are to benefit their social class. An elite family with a lot of sway over various German corporations is often related to similar families all over Europe and America. Their business agenda is to safeguard their interrelated class priorities over national priorities.

It’s just like how even though most organized crime groups are based on a shared ethnicity or nationality, their business model is to exploit and harm the people of their home countries or ethnic groups. Their strongest loyalty is to fellow criminals regardless of where they are from rather than a country or ethnic group. Gangs from all over the world work together to make money from crime and have more loyalty to each other then they do to people of their own ethnicity or nation. The upper-class power elites in America, Europe, etc., are similar to organized crime groups from around the world who join forces because they have a shared interest in corrupting governments and law enforcement to increase their power and wealth.

I see many people speculating that European elites have been bribed or threatened to go along with America on Russian sanctions since they are so damaging to European businesses and economies. That isn’t necessary, they are friends and family, and they plan these big moves and agree on them in private settings or corporate boardrooms before they then clue-in the big politicians and powerful business people not in their social class. That is what the famous forums like The Bilderberg meetings, The Aspen Institute meetings, The World Economic Forum at Davos, The Trilateral Commission meetings, and many others are for, to tell the politicians and business people not in their social group what to do.

Big institutions like banks and retirement funds have been moving their money out of the Euro and British Pound into dollars recently because they have been losing a lot of value against the dollar since the sanctions started. It is expected to continue. Economist Michael Hudson said that this is part of an agenda to wall off all of European business from the Russia-China-Iran economic sphere of influence to force them to move into relying on the more expensive America. The elites in control of Europe and America and elsewhere don’t need to be bribed or threatened to enact policies which hurt their own nations. They have already been doing that all the time by outsourcing and others forms of predatory finance capitalism which causes all sorts of harm to national economies and people while increasing the wealth and power of elites.

American and European leaders have known for years that Ukraine was a red line for Russia but they are ideologically committed to what they say is “benevolent world hegemony,” aka Pax Americana. Back in 2007 General Wesley Clark said wars were planned for seven countries In five years right after 9/11, all had leaders who were not submissive to the plans of the American and European power elite — Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran.

The upper-class elites in America and Europe used to follow the Realist school on foreign policy but that ended when neocon influence gained more popularity after 9/11. Realists are opposed to neocon ideologues who advocate for world hegemony at all costs. They say that in the nuclear age it is a moral imperative of American leaders to take over the world so no nation can threaten the existence of America by nuclear attack. They went as far as promoting a nuclear first strike doctrine in order to attain world hegemony. Important to that first strike doctrine is shrinking the striking distance to say Russia to as short a distance as possible. The idea would be to destroy Russian military installations before Russia could counter-attack, which will only work if the missiles are so close that Russian defenses are destroyed before they know what hit them. Which is why Russian leaders have been so adamant about keeping NATO as far as they can from their borders. For many years they said Ukraine joining NATO was a red line for them, to cross it would lead to a military response.

The American and European elites have wanted to integrate Russia into their worldwide neoliberal system dominated by their elite class since the end of the USSR, and were well on their way till Putin came to power. Many people have been saying for years that the dollar has gradually been losing its place as the reserve currency for the world and that sanctions against countries have been speeding that up because it leads to leaders being afraid of having their dollar reserves being confiscated for political reasons if they keep it in Treasury bonds or other dollar holdings for safe keeping.

The power elites see regime change in Russia as a way to enhance the dollar reserve currency system. They want leadership in place who will allow foreign ownership of land and natural resources, i.e., Wall Street and European elites want to buy up Russia’s extractive industries (gas, oil, minerals) and agriculture to then trade them only in dollars thereby propping up the dollar as reserve currency for many more years. They plan to do that in Ukraine also, recently getting Zelensky to change the laws for increased foreign ownership and investment which is being sought in return for acceptance into the EU, help from the IMF, etc.

That was the plan before Putin took over. Trump and similar conservative politicians have stated they want to make peace and resume normal friendly relations with Russia. That is why the elites are doing all they can to stop Trump and similar politicians. They want to stop their supporters online and off as well. It is a civil war between the elite class who want to forcibly rule the world vs. those who want peaceful friendly relations around the world. The culture war is part of that, with the younger generation of the elite class wrongly thinking that they can use culture to capture more support in America. The opposite is happening because they don’t understand the common people very well.

They thought that all Hispanic people would love more Hispanic immigration, that they would love all the woke cultural stuff, but they mostly do not. They mostly want to restrict immigration which they see as threatening to their jobs, and they are culturally speaking, mostly traditional Catholics. African-American culture is also mostly religious and traditional, culturally speaking, with a small very woke sub-population. They also mostly see unrestricted immigration as a threat to the job market. And both are worried at the effect of a low supply of low-cost housing with an ever growing demand by millions of low-income migrants moving into their states, cities, and neighborhoods.

Most Asian Americans are also very angry with the elites for not protecting them from the rampant crime directed at them. And they mostly blame the Democrats for the new lax enforcement policies on crime. They were the driving force to recall the Soros backed District Attorney in San Francisco, Chesa Boudin. Because of a misguided justice-based ideology that lacks an understanding of how criminal gangs will take advantage of lax enforcement to increase their crimes, Boudin had to go. Gangs have massively increased their non-paying shopping sprees at jewelry stores for one example. Car theft and burglary are also an increasingly common fun gang pastime. Add to that the reality of an ever-increasing population of bitter and dangerous homeless people and people in danger of homelessness, we then end up with an ever-increasing number of desperate people which of course leads to much more crime just as a means of survival. But the elites do not understand that and think woke social justice will help their politicians at the polls because their younger generation has convinced them of that. They think that keeping people from minority communities out of jail for the crimes they commit will be welcomed by those communities — and therefore that will inspire them to vote for their politicians at election time. The opposite is the reality. Since most crimes by minorities are committed at the expense of the people in their communities, most of them do not like the new soft-on-crime agenda of the Democrats.

Working class whites, Hispanics, African Americans, and Asians, are mostly not onboard the woke train, they are mostly attached to their traditional cultural mores with only small sub-populations of very woke people who think criminal justice can be stopped and nothing bad will happen, and that queering society will be welcomed by everyone because their circle of friends are LGBTQ+. But in reality most of the working class and minorities are upset over the lax enforcement of laws and dislike the newer elites agenda to queer society at large.

Democrats are now the party of the elites (non-Trump Republicans as well), and they cannot maintain their political power by alienating all those groups. Yet because the younger generation of elites is pushing the older generation to enact their woke agendas — traditional Democratic party political operatives who see the problems being caused by the influence of those deluded woke elites on Democratic party politics, are unable to steer them away from the current course in order to not antagonize most voters. Democrats are on a self-destructive course directed by clueless rich people directed by ultra-woke ideologues who don’t care or don’t understand the mentality and desires of the majority of people who vote.

Which is why their political propaganda is 100% focused on trying to incite hatred of Republicans instead of trying to promote the sorely needed legislation to help the working class and the needy. For example a massive increase of new affordable housing is desperately needed; also the elderly poor and disabled are in dire straights due to inflation and rent increases, aid for them is still stuck in time long past — programs desperately needed for the lower-income voters which make up an ever growing part of the electorate are too numerous to mention here. There are only a few people in Congress trying to help the mass of disenfranchised people but their legislation is not promoted very much in elite controlled media and is always ignored by the leaders of the house and senate since they are not big donors.

Mostly the elite media is only interested in attacking Republicans, and anything else is muted to a large degree unless it promotes the political agendas of the rich elites.They constantly try to convince minorities in their base to see everyone as racist towards them, trying to convince them that they are their saviors from “the racist white supremacists” out to get them everywhere they go. That racially inciting political propaganda is mainly what the Democrat media promotes and comes across like they are speaking to children. They are clueless about the fact that most of their minority voters live within traditional cultural milieus and therefore relate culturally more so to Republicans than to Democrats. They have supported Democrats in the past because Democrats used to seem more interested in helping them financially and otherwise then the Republicans, now all they get from Democrats is woke culture wars and social justice agendas leading to more crime against them. No wonder so many are looking towards the Republicans for help now.

The elites declared war on Trump and then on Republicans, and now also on anti-war people, many of whom are in their minority base. They declare war on anyone who stands in the way of the plans concocted by an out-of-touch elite class. But as Woody Allen once said, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.