The Current Thing or: A History of How We Ended Up In This Sorry Mess

Pam Ho
8 min readAug 16, 2022


What happens to you if you don’t support or even speak out against, or gods forbid activist against “The Current Thing?”

Ask most anyone on Twitter and you will hear countless stories of people being attacked by politicians and their supporters, mainstream journalists and their supporters, and by legions of bots and troll farms — all of whom will jump up and down while angrily swearing at you as if you’re a monster and then call you a traitor — just for not supporting “The Current Thing.”

They justify their clowning inanity by claiming to be speaking for “The Rules Based Order” which they insist is a divine and all-good deity. Submit and Worship! They demand. According to them the divine is at war with the satanic non-rules following countries: Russia, Iran, China, Venezuela, Syria, and whatever other country (or persons) of the month who defy (how bluddy dare they!) the demands of the WallSt/WarInc/Media Global Industrial Complex (see a doctor if you think you have that luv).

The CFR goon tells us that even though the RulesBO is a failure it must be made stronger.

They tell us: “YOU! You there! You there you nobody people! You must forthwith and in haste, submit to whatever is, that is to say, to what we, the good ones say is, “The Current Thing.” Now you never mind about our past failures. Rightio folx? Or else…(banhammer or even gaol!)

This mainstream media news show from 10 years ago told us that censoring the Internet was impossible and un-American. The MSM today wants to shut you up if you disagree with them. The rise of independent voices and media on the Internet made RulesBO hell-bent on sacrificing the freedom of the Internet.

How can you be a traitor to only rich people and their media lackeys? How possible?

They are the ones at war with various countries around the world. Not me. Not even America. Not jolly Englund. Nor Deutsch or even Dutchland. Those countries are not at war with anyone, officially. It’s their Rich People and their media lackeys (hilariously!) acting as if they, themselves, are the only people worthy of giving your devoted submission towards as “America” or “England” or “Germany.” To them, sadly, the real nations include all the gross not-rich people, and (shudders) religious people. So *they alone* are the only worthy people to represent the nation whom you can be a real traitor towards if you disobey them. They insist, really, no jk.

This clown said: “We don’t want to censor we just want to limit reach.” That’s like saying: “I support free speech but only if you say them to nobody.” Then his clown guest says: Akshually, we do want to censor, Fox News should be destroyed because otherwise people end up being killed. That’s what his guest, a grand poobah of mainstream media, Nicholas Kristoff, says.

It would all be a laughable comic opera except for their obscene grotesqueness. Every single time the so-called elites latch onto and then vigorously promote and demand submission to whatever The Current Thing is at the current moment — one thing we can be sure of is to follow — it always always ends up badly for them. Every. Single. Time.

Remember when The Korean War was The Current Thing? No? Literally they burned down/bombed down the entire north part of Korea. The whole thing flattened, like a pancake. Our own dictatorial Dear Leaders now say: Why does North Korea not trust the RulesBO and just surrender their nukes? (hmm, what could it be?)

How about the Viet Nam war? That Current Thing ended well. Right? Nuff said.

How about The War for Kosovo? Most people have no clue about that war. The repercussions from that war by the western elites impact the world in many ways today. That war is also just like today’s The Current Thing. Except the roles are reversed.

America and NATO partied like it was 1999 (it was) in Serbia in order to forcibly take Kosovo away from them and turn it into a new country to be protected by America and NATO forces (never-U-mind the big gold mine, shhh.) Even though Kosovo was the literal historic heartland of the Serbian people that didn’t matter. During WWII after Albania teamed up with the fascist Mussolini regime and the Axis powers, they took over Kosovo and then over 100,000 Albanians moved into Kosovo while expelling, imprisoning, and killing non-Albanians.

From Italian protectorate of Albania (1939–1943)

Between 70,000 and 100,000 Kosovar Serbs were transferred to concentration camps in Pristina and Mitrovica or expelled to Serbia proper, in order to Albanianize the province. During the occupation, the population was subject to forced labour, torture, destruction of private property, destruction and damaging of cultural and historical buildings and graveyards. The expulsion of Serbs proved problematic, as they had performed important functions in the region, and been running most of the businesses, mills, tanneries, and public utilities, and been responsible for most of the useful agricultural production. According to Serbian sources, it is estimated that the Vulnetari and other paramilitaries murdered up to 10,000 Serbs and Montenegrins in Kosovo.

What ensued years later was a religion based separatist movement and militia called the Kosovo Liberation Army who wanted to expel all Serbians, Roma, etc., with the goal of merging Kosovo into Albania to create “Greater Albania.” That then changed into a movement by them milittantes for skipping out of Serbia with Kosovo under their jackets (nudged strongly by foreign powers) as a new country for “Kosovar Albanians.” Because, frak Greater Albania, we want our own country!

America and NATO for-some-reason-but-not-having-to-do-with-money-or-power bombed Serbia for weeks-on-end into utter devastation and submission because reasons. Then the taking over of the Serbian government and imprisoning their leader, and then occupation of Kosovo for the supposed independence of the Kosovar Albanians — whose leadership as it turns out was actually The Albanian Mafia (lol).

So…didn’t some RulesBO people at least get richer?

The next big idiotic The Current Thing was of course when the leaders of The RulesBO lied about the imminent use of supposed never-to-be-found weapons of mass distraction by that bully Sodam Insane. He was sodam insane that the entire country of Iraq therefore just needed to be levelled to fix it. Like Bombed Mad to the Max. The before and after pics were amazingly Rules Based though. And just because ISIS was formed out of the ex-members of Iraqi army intelligence who were now out of a job, psshh, no problemo, its a good thing!

AND what about jolly ole Afghan-insane-in-the-memsahibs-brain? The Taliban actually offered to give Osama over to the US to stop the invasion if they presented proof of his crimes. But…the almighty RulesBO was like “Sorry, computer says no.”

So what else could the RulesBO do but invade and occupy for the next, um…er…20 years? (wait, wat, money?)

The next big insipid The Current Thing of course was the election of Barack H. Obama — where just like Jesus H. Christ during The Inquisition — If you didn’t fully support him by at least giving him a trophy (like the Nobel) before he even saved the world — then you were deemed a sinner. Obama’s subsequent adventures in Libya and Syria were so helpful and Rulesy that never mind the post-apocalyptic vibes there afterwards!

By the end of Obamatime, well, ole B.O. was no longer The Current Thing. He had full control over both houses of Congress and still did not try do what he had promised. The left was very unhappy because as always with The Current Thing, turns out it was not the savior they/he had promised it to be. Turns out he was just another Beltway Insider just like the two previous presidents who had also campaigned as outsider saviors. In reality they were all saviors for Wall St. I especially liked the part in the script when Obama asked an executive from CITI Bank to give him a list of appointees for his 1st Cabinet; and also when no one was held accountable for the complete meltdown of the world economy (he did make sure the rich would always and forever be bailed out though, while letting the rest of us know we could suck it, good times!)

The next big Current Thing was of course: Russiagate! Russiagate! Russiagate! LOL. Fail².

The next big Current Thing was: The Trump Impeachment parts I and II.

If you didn’t give support, or god-forbid, disagreed with the RulesBO when they demanded Trump be locked up for being a “Putin Puppet” or something something about a phone call that amounted to nothing, then: “YOU ARE A TRAITOR AND BELONG IN PRISON WITH HIM!”

Good Times. Why, it’s almost like the mainstream political opposition to Trump are not the super all-good and holy saviors of truth and ethical behavior they insist they are and Trump wasn’t! Go figure.

Then of course came the mega-bucks all time champ of The Current Things: THE VARUS: Part !

THE VARUS: Part !!

How did that work out besides…I dunno, APOCALYPSE NOW!
The RulesBO FTW my brothers in Christ. Billions of profits turned to trillions for the Ruling Class, I mean RulesBO. Sorry. (Pfft, with leaders like them who needs eneminkes?)

The next Current Things: The New Hitler is Trying to Take Over The World While The Old Hitler is Once Again Any Day Now About to Go To Prison Fingers Crossed©

And Man or Woe-man, if you dare utter a single sillybabble not in complete submizzione to herr THE RULES UnBASED ORDER over the war in Ukraine:

That’s almost as criminal as causing anxiety, or silent prayer in the UK.

CNNMSNBCBBC+ are like: All hail The Current Thing! All hell The (no)Rules (not)Based (stinken)Odor! Bow down and grovel! Or else they/she/shim/sham/a/lame/oh/dim/dumb it’s off to jail for you! You did a pronoun vile a shun!

(Is we in the matrix then?
Yup, cuz world is too silly for anything else.)

Do you?