Pride Comes Before The Fall (Of Europe)

Pam Ho
9 min readOct 28, 2022


Why are the leaders of Europe, in the eyes of average not-insane people, tossing aside rational and pragmatic behavior in service to the best interests of their people’s economic and physical safety — for an ideology that promotes the integrity of Ukraine’s borders and its use as a tool of NATO as worthy enough to wantonly destroy the health, wealth, and security of the European people?

All previously held rationality would suggest that such a bizarre self-indulgent and dangerous ideology would obviously cause a huge problem of anger towards the ruling class from the masses of desperate people — due to kicking out from under their feet their lives of relative peace, wealth and stability.

Ever since the political headwinds forced the people of Europe to sail their ships of state into a storm of certain economic destruction by pridefully renouncing all things Russian — many observers have been struck in awe wondering: Are they mad?


But not mad in the sense of lunacy — mad in the sense of angry. How can simple anger lead to economic seppuku for most of Europe? Have you ever been really angry? They are irrational. Anger can cause the loss of clarity and rationality. That is why boxers traditionally taunt their opponents before they fight. They want them angry so they lose their cool and act out of emotion rather than tactically. European leaders have seemingly lost their common sense because they are mad. I mean, when your entire economy is strung out on the tightrope of cheap energy, well — it only takes a little push…and then…splat!

Europe has become a bug splat on the neoliberal windshield. The madness that drove the ship of Europe to be steered by a seemingly gnat sized mentality wasn’t due to the invasion of Ukraine. That level of madness must have been building and building for years.

After the death of the Soviet Union its rotting corpse could be smelled wide and far by the gnats and flies of neoliberal capital. A feast for the taking! They swarmed the ex-Soviet states and within a few years the corpses of the new states were being desiccated by money and power-hungry leeches connected to influential families, corporations, politicians, and banks from all over the world — many working with organized crime which had come to take a powerful position in Russian society.

And then poof…

A new sheriff rode into town.

In mob lore Las Vegas is the legendary El Dorado, the city of gold, a place of easy money for everyone because it was declared by syndicate law to be an “open city.” Traditionally The Syndicate was run like a business with every area of the country given over to their authorized representatives who alone were mandated to operate in that area. Las Vegas was different though because gambling was legal there. The bosses decided it would be wise to not exclude anyone from the easy money of legal gambling to keep from infighting. So Vegas was declared an open city, no family had control. There was enough scharole for everyone to wet their beaks. For example, the mob families controlling the action in the big resort towns of the south (Galveston and Hot Springs) who sometimes went to prison because they couldn’t bribe everyone, moved to the safer Vegas when it became big enough to support their businesses.

Russia after the fall of the USSR was a new Vegas for the neoliberal syndicate. There was plenty to go around for whomever could take it. Wealthy connected people from all over made a beeline to Russia to exploit the business opportunities from the vast reserves of gas, oil, minerals, gems, gold, grains, graft…you name it. It was easy pickings for the made men of the neoliberal syndicate because the ex-communist leaders were mostly eager to get rich, but mostly didn’t have the connections in the capitalist world to pull it off. Many of them didn’t have much or any patriotic sense of duty to the new nations carved out of the Soviet Union.

The pillaging by the neoliberal elites in partnerships with local oligarchs and criminals was then abruptly blocked by what is now seen by them as the real-life Keyser Söze, the devil incarnate.

The neoliberal elite's posture of “we are the good guys” isn’t really about anything moral like their puppets in media and politics are paid to pretend. I mean, how can people who did what they did to Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yugoslavia, etc., suddenly develop deeply felt righteous moral qualms when others also invade countries? Is it morally defensible to occupy 1/3 of Syria while stealing their oil? Is it morally justified to do everything possible to destroy their economy and harm their people because their leadership is friendly with Iran?

It isn’t Ukraine they are so intent on defending — it’s their control over their neoliberal system as Putin stops them over and over from doing what they want, when they want, and how they want. First he stopped their pillaging of Russia, then Syria, and who knows what else has been put on hold because of a fear of Putin? Invading Iran maybe? Central Asia?

So yeah, the neoliberal wise guys are mad. They think they deserve to rule over the world because most of the leaders of the neoliberal syndicate were born into the ruling classes of America and Europe. Mostly from families of great wealth and prestige who have been pulling the strings of many governments for a long time. Some longer than others — which is why America is so powerful. America has the longest running ruling elite class in the world. England used to but they gradually lost their economic power starting in the latter 1800s when their free trade laws led to the downfall of their agriculture industry. America was able to undercut their cost because of new reaper technology and vast amounts of cheap farmland. High rents paid by British farmers for use of the land was the source of much of the wealth of the upper class who owned the land. When their agriculture went bust because of being undersold by the US most of the farmers left to work in factories or mines — so their high farm rents were no longer paid to the upper class:

Between 1809 and 1879, 88% of British millionaires had been landowners; between 1880 and 1914 this figure dropped to 33% and fell further after the First World War. During the first three-quarters of the nineteenth century, the British landed aristocracy were the wealthiest class in the world’s richest country. In 1882 Charles George Milnes Gaskell wrote that “the vast increase in the carrying power of ships, the facilities of intercourse with foreign countries, [and] the further cheapening of cereals and meat” meant that economically and politically the old landed class were no longer lords of the earth. The new wealthy elite were no longer British aristocrats but American businessmen, such as Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller and Andrew W. Mellon, who made their wealth from industry rather than land. By the late nineteenth century, British manufacturers eclipsed the aristocracy as the richest class in the nation. As Arthur Balfour stated in 1909: “The bulk of the great fortunes are now in a highly liquid state…They do not consist of huge landed estates, vast parks and castles, and all the rest of it”

From The Great Depression of British Agriculture

American elites took over the economic world starting at that point due to the damage to the British economy along with the vast sums of money made from the new oil-based industries in America.*

And the thing is, the American government has always been from the start — a front for the richest and most influential families to benefit them over everything else. Only male property owners could vote for a long time in America — their excuse was:

Non-property owners were intellectually no better than “simple women” and children because if they were — then why were they lacking property? Those simpletons would then simply vote for whomever they had heard about locally regardless of how qualified they were because they would be unaware of the wider political world — or they would vote for whomever paid them off or misled them (through media etc.)

It was a lame excuse to keep power limited to the elites of society who saw themselves as an elite class superior to others — class consciousness was very important to them. Most of them came from families that had been given ownership over vast amounts of land by decree or bought lots of land cheaply many years earlier when America was still sparsely populated by the early colonists. Those early families usually parlayed that ownership into wealth and status over time. Most were related by endogamous marriages over many years and wanted a country ruled over for their own class benefits.

Their numbers and influence have grown along with America as they gradually came to dominate the economic system of the world because they were the last government standing when almost all others fell. When they fell the American elites were there ready to take advantage of the chaos. What that did as governments fell over time, was to make America a safe haven for the wealth of the rich and powerful from around the world.

The rich and powerful dynastic families that controlled and ran the American government from the start took advantage of the fall of other governments one by one to remake the economic structure of the world for their own benefit. And for their friends and relatives in Europe whom they partnered and intermarried with since the 1800s. By 1920 alone there were over 500 Americans who had become dukes, counts, princesses and so on due to elite families marrying into aristocratic European dynasties — thereby creating one big extended family controlling the economic system of America and Europe — the neoliberal syndicate of today.

When they saw their plans for the future of the world crumbling with China and Russia creating a new economic order — just like if you take a toy from a child — they got very angry and are now throwing a tantrum. That is why the common people of Europe are being thrown under the bus over the supposed divine imperative to “defend Ukraine.” And they believe that. I don’t mean they want to defend the people of Ukraine who are treated as nothing more than cannon fodder by them — it is the land of Ukraine and all the other lands of the ex-Soviet Union, The Middle East, etc., which they had such high hopes for exploiting before Putin spoiled their party.

They want revenge. They don’t care what happens to your job, home, family, business or industry if you live in Europe, or really anywhere for that matter. You see how they speak down to everyone as if they are our bosses, demanding we do what they say even though it damages our lives in so many ways. And they couldn’t have picked a better front man than Zelenskyy. They needed someone to convince the world that what they are doing is moral and good and divine. An actor of course is best equipped to do that since what they are doing is the farthest thing from moral or good or divine. Zelenskyy came to power because he convinced the Ukrainian people he was their Servant of The People as his TV show was called, portraying him as the opposite of what he would become. He was going to end the feud with Russia, he promised the people. Everything was going to be great. Instead, he has treated Ukraine as his personal fiefdom, acting as a feudal lord, threatening everyone, banning all dissent, banning media and political parties, using a ruthless secret police to keep the people cowed.

And amazingly he has tried to goad NATO into a nuclear war with Russia. Many elites in America and Europe agree with him. They say that NATO attacking Russia, trying to bomb the Kremlin, and so on is not a problem. An actor, a human adult person, not a child, not a mentally incapacitated person, is trying to convince the elites of the world that they can win a war with Russia — but of course he just needs billions and billions and billions…until when? And he is in charge of the war according to Biden. The NATO alliance stands ready in his service. They tell us.

*The loss by the British elites and The City of London’s financial leadership over the world to American businessmen and Wall St., led to a plan by them to regain their lost leadership. The main part of the plan was to influence and inspire the richest and most influential upper-class American clans to align their worldview with the worldview of their own social group. The plan was famously first written about by Harvard, Princeton, and Georgetown University Prof. Carroll Quigley in two books: The Anglo-American Establishment: From Rhodes to Cliveden, and Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time. He said he was given access to the historical archives of The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) so he could write about that history. The CFR being one of the think tanks along with the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Institute of Pacific Relations, and the Round Table movement, which Prof. Quigley revealed by his access to the CFR archives as creations of and for the aforementioned plan.