Never Go Full Democrat

Pam Ho
11 min readMar 12, 2023

Thursday last, March 9, was a special day in the history of the continuing saga of WTF Has Happened To The Left? At opposite ends of America we were given a glimpse into the New Progressive World Order by our self-described betters. In Washington D.C. and just south of San Francisco at Stanford Law School, the planets apparently were in perfect alignment for what we were about to witness: the crystalized essence of the pathology of the New Progressive World Order on display like never before.

But if you do, wait for me to get my popcorn

In D.C. the Republicans in Congress called together a confab by inviting a few journalists who had been given access to Twitter’s internal records of past attempts by government employees and private sector goblins to pressure and pay off Twitter management to censor and remove people from their platform — for various political and profit-based reasons.

This of course has been a big story online for a while now, commonly known as The Twitter Files. But if you don’t get your news online by relying only on mainstream news outlets, there is a good chance you have never heard about The Twitter Files because the mainstream media put the kibosh on the story. That was due to the fact of almost all the government and NGO reps pressuring Twitter employees to remove people and tweets — were aligned or directly affiliated with the Democratic party and their agendas. The same type of media kibosh has been put on Seymour Hersh due to his revelation on the cause of the Nord Stream pipeline’s destruction. The media mostly ignored and some criticized his reporting as “make believe” because Seymour Hersh implicated Democrats.

The media, ever since Trump took office, have been intimidated into affirming their vow of omerta whenever they think a news event they want to report on can make the public look askance at Democrats. They are ordered by their bosses or asked and pressured by government or corporate people to ignore, slant, or even change the facts of a story completely (lie) so Democrats don’t look bad. Therefore, many newsworthy events are either not reported on or are badly disfigured to the point of lying to get Democrats off the hook.

Another example has been their reporting on the Ukraine War. Although most people from both political parties support the disfigurement of the news to hide the truth of the war, we can be certain that if it was Trump instead of Biden leading the American response, at least some of the media would be honest to one degree or another just to stick it to the Republicans. Most of them would still lie like they do now, but the more independent left leaning new outlets would see a chance to prove their independence and tell the truth, i.e., that neocons provoked the war with Russia and Ukraine never stood a chance. Which of course is the exact opposite of what most of the mainstream media has been reporting, likely because they have been told by their bosses, or their government and corporate friends that they need to lie in order for Ukraine to be able to keep recruiting cannon fodder. If they were all honest about the war from the start, that would make it much harder to get people to fight for Ukraine, e.g., mercenaries would be too afraid. And harder to get public support for the shoveling of hundreds of billions of their tax dollars to a losing cause.

So, it was a good chance for a perfect storm of mendacity in Congress Thursday last. On the one hand we had the Democrat members of Congress very very determined to keep the con going by acting as if The Twitter Files, a huge story online but ignored by the mainstream media, that it is actually…a conspiracy theory! Yup, Democrats have gone Full Moron, claiming The Twitter Files story, a very true thing, is in fact…a made up story. ROFLMAO 🤣

And on the other hand, other Democrats are insisting that The Twitter Files are in truth, a story about: “Elon Musk and the journalists reporting on The Twitter Files are right wing extremists trying to harm Democracy!

It was a perfect storm of BS because they had nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. They didn’t have anything or anyone to hide behind, like the liars of the media. They were on camera, live, to the world.

So of course, they did what they now always do to salvage their reputations: acting obnoxious, lying, and misdirection. While the journalists and the Republicans on the committee presented the facts of what happened — the Democrats literally denied it actually occurred! It didn’t happen, they told us! One Democrat, apparently a rich heir worth $400 million, even demanded proof that The Twitter Files was a real thing, saying it was all a big con job! That was hilarious.

Imagine a person caught on video stealing and then saying to the judge in court, “It didn’t happen, I demand proof that it did!” as the video of him stealing is played in court.

Because they couldn’t care less about the truth, or the law, their dissembling was equally funny. Instead of dealing with the facts of what happened, that they were openly caught pressuring Twitter to censor and remove people using a massive systematic method, they were still determined to pretend that it was REALLY about: RIGHT WING EXTREMISTS TRYING TO HIDE THEIR BIAS BECAUSE WHERE WAS THE EVIDENCE OF TRUMP OR REPUBLICANS TRYING TO CENSOR?

They believe that most of their voters will not be watching, and therefore they can get their media pals to use clips of their lies and fabrications to help them con the voters. Expect to see clips in their campaign ads and for use in funding appeals. They act outraged because that is what sells, or so they believe. They will package their lies and faux outrage and hope that this whole episode won’t hurt them at the polls or with funding.

Their hilarious excuse was like the thief in court saying: “You may have caught me stealing on video, but what about all the other people not caught? What do you say to that Mister Judge know-it-all? WHAT ABOUT THE PEOPLE NOT CAUGHT!! YOU SIR, YOU ARE THE REAL CRIMINAL! THIS COURT IS OUT OF ORDER! YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH! while tossing papers up in the air as if the actual crime is the bias or racism of the court to try and distract the jury from the facts.

In other words: The Democrats in Congress went Full Moron.

Meanwhile on the west coast at Stanford University, a federal judge had been invited to speak at their law school. I assume he feared what happened, might happen, due to previous similar events. And in fact, the students who planned on not letting him speak, went there and prevented him from speaking by yelling, squealing, stomping, screaming, etc., whenever he opened his mouth.

Apparently, it was because in the past he said something, and did something, that could be interpreted as not being 100% supportive of all their varied identity based tribal agendas. Of course, this is old hat, attacking speakers on campus has been going on at colleges for many years by now. A person is asked to speak at an event and then an identity obsessed person who hates the speaker for some reason, screams and jumps up and down to their friends online, and then they convince a bunch of students and outside activists to disrupt the event enough to shut it down. And if that doesn’t work then they threaten them with violence…and the police shut it down. But what made this time different was that a hired “diversity” officer of Stanford rushed down to the room and proceeded to berate the federal judge — instead of the people disrupting the event.

I mean, it’s not like they invited someone who was involved in wars for profit, like say…Obama or Clinton or Biden. The judge did nothing like that, his offenses were from what I could discern 1) standing up for free speech 2) “misgendering” a criminal sex offender. That he was shouted down and attacked by influential future lawyers and government bureaucrats at the 2nd most prestigious “law school” in America, on the same day that their Democrat “allies” went Full Moron in Congress, was a much-needed awakening for the rational people on the left to wake up.

Lying and behaving like a moron has become normalized on the left. A few weeks ago Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez while speaking in a committee in Congress argued that the now commonly accepted fact of Hunter Biden’s laptop being real and not fake, is in fact, a conspiracy! She argues, even after the mainstream media have agreed it is real and some have even apologized for censoring it, still, AOC will not stop lying about it:

We constantly see lying and deception on everything and anything even if it has been thoroughly exposed. Media, schools, government, Hollywood, and even from churches — if the truth makes Democrats look bad, they lie. The mainstream left no longer supports what was once seen as a basic need for a healthy society: the ideals of honesty and fairness. Those are no longer seen as worthy enough to be respected on the left if seeking them interferes with what they want. The new basic need for a healthy society is according to the left: The End Justifies the Means. Nobody move, nobody gets hurt. Shut up and sit down. Do what you are told, or else. Democrats need to be protected at all costs because they are the only ones we can trust to protect us.

As you can see, not only have they gone Full Moron, but they have also gone Full Tyrant. Only they should be allowed to rule, they should have total control over everyone and everything, all the time. They try to hide that attitude, but they are too dumb to see how they come across as tyrants.

What do you think would be the response if you ask the Taliban, Al Qaeda, or ISIS if their cruel and violent actions are morally and ethically justified? They would say that it is moral for them to be vicious and cruel because they believe human society to be in an emergency situation and they alone will save us. To them, the world is full of evil people who are offenders towards God and his desires. Therefore, anything and everything, no matter how harmful to others, is justified in their quest to take over. Because they will enforce God’s desires aka utopia, on the world. Their ends justify their means. Their ends are to gain power over everyone, their means are violence.

Just like them, the mainstream left have turned into proponents of political jihadism. Their ends also justify their means. Lying, deception, destruction, cruelty, viciousness—all of it is necessary because of an emergency. Their cherished ideals are not fully embraced by everyone, but they need to be because they are the enlightened ones — therefore they have a calling to toss aside any and all honesty, goodness, and fairness if needed as the means to totally destroy all opposition. And just like the religious jihadists — their ends are to gain power over everyone, their means are violence.

Full Moron always leads to Full Tyranny

The mass murder of innocents in the two world wars started off based on the self-centered ideology of “we are doing what must be done to make things right in the world.” How can the mainstream left lie and deceive about what is going on in the world with such overt viciousness and self-righteous certainty so often? They base that on the same “we are doing what must be done to make things right in the world.”

They have divided the people of the world into two camps:

  1. The believers (good people)
  2. The non-believers (bad people)

But they are not exactly like jihadists, they are a mix of Nazism and Jihadism. Nazis based their worldview not just on philosophy, like jihadists do, they also based their worldview on genetics, ethnicity, and race. When Tulsi Gabbard mentioned the other day that the Democrats, like the Nazis, classify people as worthy or not worthy for a job based on genetics, based on race — she was slammed by Democrats and their journalists for supposedly claiming “Diversity is Nazism.”

That is another deceptive type of rationalizing to make the Democrats look less bad. Instead of describing what Democrats are doing as discriminating based on race, on genetics, and on sexuality, they invert that and say they are actually “promoting diversity.” Even though they are promoting racial and sexual based discrimination based on lies — as the Nazis did.

The Nazis said that the Jewish people were the elites, that they were dominating European governments and economies for the benefit of the Jewish people at the expense of non-Jewish people — therefore the Nazis demanded the hiring of only non-Jews in society. They said that was needed to take power away from the supposed dominance of the Jewish people.

The Democrats say that cis-white males are the elites, that they are dominating the government and economy for the benefit of the cis-white males at the expense of non-white people, LGBTQ+ people, and women — therefore the Democrats demand the hiring of only non-white or non-cis males and women. They say it is needed to take power away from the supposed dominance of cis-white males.

Are the Democrats “promoting diversity” or targeting a single group, blaming them for all the problems of society? In effect — they are promoting hate and discrimination based on race, genetics, and sexuality.

Democrats are now trying to get laws passed that would make criticizing non-white people an actual criminal offense. Speech laws like that have been enacted in many European countries for a while now, where even stating true things can get you prosecuted. For example, recently a number of journalists are being prosecuted for stating the truth of the Ukraine War because it contradicts what is promoted by their politicians and mainstream media. Countless liberal politicians in America and Europe are all on the same page, all trying to use the law to suppress critical reporting of them, their political parties, their donors, and their activist supporters, in the name of stopping “harmful” hate speech and misinformation.

Recently a Democrat in Congress, Sheila Jackson Lee, pushed a bill criminalizing “antagonism based on replacement theory, or hate speech that vilifies or is otherwise directed against any non-White person or group.” In Washington State the Attorney General is trying to pass a law against “Hate Speech,” this is what he wants criminalized:

Various forms of extremist and political violence like threats, coercion, and intimidation, online disinformation, extremist recruitment and government infiltration efforts, and the general spread of extreme white supremacism and anti-government ideologies.

Full Democrat always leads to Full Tyranny.